Global Game Jam

Northumbria University

25th-27th Jan 2019


Smart technology has revolutionised the home, with the help of clever AI that manages our smart devices, and controls our heating. Small problem: AI is actually very hard and very expensive to get right, so instead, tech companies save money by hiring poorly paid humans to control smart home technology remotely. You take the role of a smart thermostat worker, ensuring that homes in the neighbourhood are kept at the temperature required. You earn money by ensuring the homes remain at the desired temperature, but are punished by unfeeling algorithms when you get it wrong.

ThermoSTAT uses a custom thermostat controller that the player presses to increase the heat of a selected home. They can heat different houses by selecting using the keyboard. They earn money while houses are heated correctly, and lose money where houses are too hot/cold.

ThermoSTAT is implemented in Python, using PyGame, on a Raspberry Pi using the GPIO functions. The code is available on the github repository.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot


Tom Feltwell
Ben Kirman